<aside> 👋🏽 Welcome to StartupsToFund: we’re a marketplace of investors & startup founders. Our mission is to help promising startups get funded & support diverse founders from around the world.


Hi, I’m Nathan 👋🏽 I’m an engineer with 15+ years in teaching & building software. I’m currently located at Station F in Paris, France & I recently open-sourced my dev framework RubyKit :) I’ve been coaching, advising & mentoring startups for 10+ years. My mission at StartupsToFund is to bring attention to the amazing startups that most VC firms in the USA are overlooking.

Nathan - [email protected] 🇫🇷


Hi, I’m Micah 👋🏽 I’ve been working on growing startups for 15+ years. I love creating something from scratch & being a part of a big mission. I’ve founded several startups, helped companies drive millions in revenue, mentored for 5+ years at Startup Chile and coached 100+ hours on startup growth. I worked on growth, product, finance & operations at LivingSocial, GOAT, Twenty20 & recently grew Remote Labs Inc from zero to $1+ million / year in revenue. I believe that founders have the power to launch products that improve people’s daily lives, build company cultures that enrich employee’s lives & create enormous wealth for investors. My mission at StartupsToFund ****is to support under-served startups around the world & help the average investor have the same opportunities as VC firms.


Micah - [email protected] 🇺🇸

Hi I’m Jaira 👋🏽 and I’m the founder of RemoteWoman & RemotePOC. You can read my interview from Meetup here. I’m an advisor to StartupsToFund focused on supporting women & diverse founders. Feel free to reach out to me with any questions ❤️

Jaira - [email protected] 🇸🇻 & 🇺🇸

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Hola soy Cesar Jimenez 👋🏽 and I’m an advisor for StartupsToFund. Previously I led the mentorship program for **StartupChile** & I love building products that impact the whole world!

Cesar - [email protected] 🇨🇱